Photo Credit: Emma Leah Rae

Decision Making Process

Consent Based Decision Making

The KAG uses consent-based decision making and is defined as having no reasonable objections to the matter being discussed. To reach a decision, all deciding members must consent to the proposed solution. All objections must be:

  1. Based on the decision’s adverse effect on the member’s ability to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in achieving the group’s vision or mission.

  2. Reasonable, meaning that reasons for the objections must be explained clearly and openly enough for the group to resolve the objection.

  3. All decisions will be made through consent unless specified in the bylaws (as outlined in the “voting” section) or decided by the group.

  4. If needed, members may request to be given a ratification period so all members may consult with their organizations regarding their stance on the topic/issue.

Consent Decision Making Summary Flow Sheet here.