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2024 Kitimat Airshed Group Wood Smoke Reduction Program Application

Download your copies of the Declaration Form and Application Checklist below. You will need them to complete your application.

Application Form

    Non-EPA-Certified Wood StoveWood Fireplace InsertWood Furnace

    Wood stove stand-alonePellet StoveHeat pump

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    Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program (CWSRP) Participant Survey

    Why are we doing a survey? To get feedback on the program from the public, especially CWSRP participants and to improve our program. We hope to find out how can we encourage more exchanges of old wood stoves (accessibility of program; are program requirements viewed as complex, what are the reasons that people participate) The information from the survey will be summarized by the local program coordinator and submitted to the BC Ministry of Environment and BC Lung. The information will be used to help achieve: more removal of old uncertified wood stoves, better awareness of good burning practices and reduction in wood smoke pollution. This survey is a mandatory requirement for each CWSRP applicant. Please complete the survey. Your responses will be summarized and anonymized. No personal or identifying information will be retained. Thank you!

    1. Why did you choose this type of replacement?*

    2. How would you rate the process of participating in the community wood smoke reduction program?*